15,000 sq ft Of Exhibition/Event Space

11,000sq ft for 70 artists studios/facilities.

3500sq ft Food hall

"The Studio" Fully licensed bar

4700 sq ft Of art production services and facilities 

5000sq ft (VR POD section) 

4000 sq ft skatepark and free painting area on the roof

Fully stocked Art Supplies Shop

4000 sq ft Divided into multiple private function room

3000sq ft UK COLAB Gallery/store

Money art gallery "Overdrawn Dayz"

Marc Craig's physical gallery edition to his virtual  "Chopper Chunky" Gallery

Even before the terrible Corona epidemic hit.

UK COLAB had a vision to create a place where all creative’s could mix together,

in a melting pot of ideas,

crossing genres and mediums and ages and back grounds,

bridging the gap between established and unknown artists.

Providing all the services needed to produce art at affordable rates, and cut the cost of commission and fees for selling and promoting artists work. putting more of the money made from artists talents in the artists hands, enabling them to spend more time following their passion rather than working in soul destroying jobs because they cant afford to live off the money they make from their art after costs and fees.

A place that embraces all creative mediums and provide a haven for artists whatever the world situation regarding corona..

All with subsidised services providing every thing an artist needs to produce art at a fraction of the cost and a place where all artistic mediums can interact.

Art studios, hand made stalls, food hall, bar, skate park, free painting street art areas, and a large 15,000sq ft  area for art exhibitions, art fairs and creative events of all kind.

The Venue would also provide an amazing experience for the public that they cant get anywhere else,,

Every kind of creative medium in one place,

Art, Music, Theatre, Dance, Film, Poetry, Photography, Workshops, Accredited Courses, Skate Park, Food, Drink, all in one place and so much more


We will work closely with the local and global communities on projects to help make all of our communities stronger with our in house team, from youth clubs and events for young people in the local neighbourhood to projects in the actual community, we will take art outside and to the community in any way we can.

With a line up of ground breaking huge shows already lined up for over the next year we can really shake the art world up, joint projects between London and Paris showcasing some of the best artists out there today.

Embracing the new technology available through our new partners in this project, their established infrastructure, their expertise and our combined concepts we can make this a reality and create something very exciting indeed.