"Untitled" By GINO NIGO

"Untitled" By GINO NIGO


"Untitled" By Gino Nigo

100cm x 100cm

oil on Canvas



Urban French Artist working the stencil as a paintbrush. Iconoclastic artist, women in all their states are his muses. 

André Jegou, aka Gino Nigo, self-taught French artist, born in Rennes in 1959. He paints on canvas and on the walls of Paris streets. But his outdoor works are exclusive, as he uses the stencil only once for each piece. He is widely known in French urban art community since 1996. 

His leading-edge style to use the stencil and the bombe makes him a unavoidable artist in the sphere of urban art world. Gino Nigo is an urban artist using essentially stencil as the base. He has his roots in alternative rock sphere since 1980 as roadie for different music groups. His personal history is linked to punk movement, gigs and parties where visual art goes along with performance. In these times that Gino tries for the first time an aerosol bomb and since, he is continuously using it together with matrices, mixing them with oil painting. He is asked to paint the walls of different cafés in Marais district. He is exposed for the first time at 8-Clos gallery in 1996. Further expositions follow, as solo shows or collective ones with such artists as Jean Stark, Jean Yarps, Epsylon Epsy. 

He moved to Saint-Blaise district in Paris in 2001. This how begings the adventure of "Horde Sauvage". It is a group of artists and photographers in urban art sphere, the spirit is to find unusual locations and cover the walls with out of ordinary pieces as well as by their purpose as their form. The groupe carries on intensive activity and counts more than 30 members: amongst them Patrick Appere, Patrick Thévenon, Miss Fuck, MG La Bomba and BZT22. 

These last two and Gino went with Emmaus to Calais Jungle in 2015. Since, Gino Nigo continues to paint, using complex, multi-layer stencils. He is one of the rare artists to use oil stencil. Constantly improving the technique, sometimes going to surrealist matters, he creates pieces with extraordinary effects, such as 3D and fluorescent. 


Some of the latest expositions: 


March 2013 - "Sub-Borne" Bab's Galery 

June 2015 - "Musicones" Bab's Galery 

October 2016 - Stensils Aéro "Les Copeaux" 

2017 - 5th Element organised by Team Oner at Saint-Ouen 

March 2019 - "Les potos flingués" Lithium Galery 

June 2020 - "Art Cluster 10" Espace Beaurepaire 

September 2020 - "Art en musique" Epicerie Musciale 



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