"Taxi Driver 1979 Sometimes they come back" By DAVID RACHMAN

"Taxi Driver 1979 Sometimes they come back" By DAVID RACHMAN


"Taxi Driver 1979 Sometimes they come back"

By David Rachman


42cm x 38cm

Mixed Media


1 of 1 original


David Rachman was born in the North of Amsterdam in 1971,

In an area of Amsterdam on the other side of the Y-Canal, known as "The poor area". David's father and mother where both addicted to Heroine , and so obviously David didn't have the easiest of starts in life to say the least, and ended up in an orphanage by the time he was just 6 years old,

Then when he was 9 years old, he was moved out of the Orphanage and placed with a new foster family and stayed there until he was 18. 


David started to work in sales at 24 , and found that he was very good, he did so well at sales, that by the time he was 30  he started his own sales company, which David ran all the way up until 2015 when he retired.


In 2001 still plagued by nightmares from his childhood David started to paint, slowly bringing his nightmares into the real world, painting amazing bloody and gory horror style paintings,


In 2007 David also started to make vlogs on YouTube
He was the first one to do this in Holland and became quite famous in Holland
Making almost 250 short movies



In 2010 David had his own sold out (zaantheater 2010 be a kid again) one man show



2015 when David retired from work, he obviously had  a lot more time on his hands all of a sudden, and of course David chose to use this new found time to explore deeper the many horrors that until then had mostly been kept inside his head, tormenting him and invading his sleep. and he hasn't stopped creating since.


All those years of nightmares from so so young, flying round and round in his mind where one by one being released into the real world in the form of the amazing creations you see here today.


When asked how he would describe his work, David simply replied.... 

" I can’t make happy, I dream scary, so I make scary" 


Davids art is always on the edge, breathing life into his nightmares and dragging them kicking and screaming into reality and creating the amazing eye catching work that you see here today.


David had a show of his work in Netherlands in the zaansgroen gallery in 2014 and we are really looking forward to having Davids work in our future shows in London when we open the new UK COLAB venue next year,



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