"Self-portrait Series #8/25" By Marc Craig

"Self-portrait Series #8/25" By Marc Craig


"Self-portrait Series #8/25" By Marc Craig


Orignal painting

Gloss household paint

A3 heavy weight water colour paper


Hand signed


These series of self-portraits were done in a moment where i was compelled to use the energy of my emotional state to good creative use. They always say better out than in and being human means that sometimes I have to deal with rough waters in my inner being.

Uncomfortable yes but it always makes for great art,

liberated art and honest art.

Gloss paint has an enviable quality of being both free and distinct as it is placed on the paper.

Rough and chaotic but always it settles in a quiet but powerful repose.

It is one of the few art mediums I know that allows for this wonderful contrast.

Even the smell is invigorating and yet repelling at the same time. A good representation of the mindset of Ego versus egoless (The Universe).

Is it the black the I am drawing with or is The Universe drawing with negative (white) space.

From nothing comes something (emotion) and this process was an attempt to capture that experience.


Marc Craig is a highly sought-after British street artist who has gained considerable recognition in the UK over the last couple of years.

He has painted murals at a range of esteemed venues,

including Tate Britain, the Royal College of Art, UBS and the Banksy Tunnel in Leake Street.

Marc studied Contemporary Visual Arts at University College, Falmouth.

His signature style has become increasingly popular since his move to London.

In 2016 alone, Marc completed 45 murals and has recently exhibited work in Chelsea and Mayfair.

Recently, Marc was interviewed by BBC Spotlight for the 160ft community mural he completed in Falmouth.

He runs a creative collaborative platform called Psychodoodlz, which works with charities, schools and mental health groups.

And also recently created the WWW.CHOPPERCHUNKY.COM virtual gallery where UK COLAB held their launch show and which was recently featured in Forbes,



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