"Ransom"  By James Rogers

"Ransom"  By James Rogers


"Ransom"  By James Rogers


How much would somebody pay for your Ransom?


Limited Edition of 2  

Handcuffed Flight Case with 6x wad of ZeroDollars

10 x ZeroDollars in each set


Artists First Editions.

Protype 101 71:66:69:79:71:66


The top ZeroDollar on each set has a security hologram and a Chinese Happiness Talisman on the face.


There are a set of handcuffs that attach the case to the wall or elsewhere.


Ransom is a conversation about value.

What do you value yourself up against?

How much would somebody pay for your ransom?

How much would it take to buy you?

Are you in love with Money?

Are you valued in other ways?


ZeroDollar, risk guaranteed,

Has no value and is imbued with all the luck in the world.



James is a Professional Artist, Designer and Maker.

Studied at Canterbury College of Art and Design

His Creative Purpose is to play the game with joy, grace and ease.

Creative, inquisitive, eclectic, ambitious, happy, positive, loyal, trustworthy and passionate.

When we experience joy specific areas of the brain related to pleasure light up.

Lockdown Freed him from Redundancy. 2020

Increase the Peace, Make some Noise.



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