"Emancipation of Eddie" By David Mealing

"Emancipation of Eddie" By David Mealing


"Emancipation of Eddie" By David Mealing


76x76 cm

Oil on MDF Framed

(Floating black wood frame) 



Fine Detail Portrait Artist

David is a self taught artist who realised he had a gift to draw at an early age. After spending most of his early childhood watching films and listening to music he became fascinated with the rich and famous, spending hours studying the look and glamour of Classic film stars such as Jean Harlow, Marilyn Monroe and Marlon Brando.

Although he achieved good grades in Art at school he did not take it further to Art College and just kept it as a hobby.

In the early 90's he was given an amazing book on Classic Film stars called "Stars of the Screen" which contained hundreds of publicity photographs as well as high quality stills from movies, that was the point when he began to focus on portrait drawing and after building up a small collection of drawings he was persuaded to enter a competition in a local village where he submitted my portrait of Clark Gable and won 1st prize which lead to an article in a local paper.

From that point he spent quite a few years perfecting hos pencil work skills and completing several commissions including one of his own early favourites of Fred Astaire & Cyd Charisse, as this picture was full length it was drawn on A1 mount board to give a larger area to achieve the detail

After spending some time working on different projects he decided to aim for a professional career as a portrait artist and went back to drawing more complex pictures, focussing on modern day idols. In March 2010 he joined Deviant Art, a website for all skill levels of artists, and his work has been accredited worldwide.

As a big fan of UK Eurovision winners Bucks Fizz David submitted some of his work to their production company and had several pieces of work included in their Platinum Collection release. This lead to an offer of producing artwork for their 30th Anniversary album, released on the Sony label, where he designed and drew the portraits for the front and back cover.

In 2014 he began painting using oils on wood and used himself as a model, he was very pleased with the outcome and submitted the painting to the Sky Portrait Artist of the year, he was chosen from over 1400 applicants to appear as a finalist on the show.

David painted the comedy actress Ronni Ancona on the show in a 4 hour time slot which he found quite a task as his pictures generally take several weeks to complete but it was an amazing experience and gave him the confidence he needed.

His self portrait was also chosen to appear in the publication 'A Little Book of Portraits' that accompanied the 2 series.

In 2016 he appeared on the third series of Sky Portrait Artist of the year which was filmed at the Wallace Collection in London.

His celebrity sitter was Dame Sian Phillips and although he felt a bit more comfortable this time around he still found it a challenge to produce a finished piece in 4 hours.

That said Dame Sian Phillips did choose his painting to keep and he was shortlisted to the final 3 Artists. David's Painting along with his Portrait entry went on to appear in the Winners exhibition at the Wallace Collection after the show was aired in 2017.

David is currently building up Artwork based on Classic Movies to hold his first ever Solo Exhibition.

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