Original painting on canvas.



Her painting style is a combination of graphic images, patterns, often bright colours and many layers. Attention grabbing and vivid.

Building stencils from collated photography that create a sense of being overwhelmed. These compositions, layered often create an intense vision of the subject from the artist point of view. The work explores mental health issues such as confusion in feeling overwhelming emotion, dealing with human connections and what expressions can say to individuals viewing them.

Her work is the distillation and interpretation of a lifetime exposure to the contemporary media culture. The liberty and freedom, often referenced in her work, is an expression of a desire for release from the stranglehold of social media and social morays. Oppression, and constraint are the metaphors of imprisonment of the personal limitations imposed by the failures of mental health symptomatic of the social media age.

Fascinated with the spray cans left over from huge artworks she makes physical and digital explorations using these usually discarded crushed items as symbols. Representing freedom and liberation of someone oppressed, stereotyped and discarded.

Hiss release, Soul releases, Solace, Release, Aero soul.



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