"Crayons for grown ups" By Jana Nicole

"Crayons for grown ups" By Jana Nicole


"Crayons for grown ups" By Jana Nicole


Limited Edition Print of 100 in the run

Somerset paper

Size: 594×841 mm (60×84)


Inspired by children’s crayons, the artist’s playful approach to depict a darker image is evident in her CRAYONS FOR GROWN UPS. Rather than names of the colours of the crayons, Nicole writes: hash oil for grey, chasing the dragon for brown, acid for purple, viagra for blue, marijuana for green, vodka martini with a twist for yellow, hydrocodone for orange and opium for red. In transforming an object so recognisable for its trademark colours and names, Nicole displaces the idea of a pre-conceived notion to instead create a work of dark humour.

Jana Nicole’s works are often memories in mixed media, upcycling nostaligic materials and iconic images to fuse them with architectural salvage and abstract backdrops, 

Often evoking a myriad of emotions from the spiritual to the comical, the classically familiar to the downright bizarre.

Now resident in the UK, she exhibits her works regularly in and around London and the South East as well as in her native Palm Springs.

Past exhibitions include-

Roy’s People Art Fair,

Oxo Tower, London

Saatchi’s The Other Art Fair,

DTLA, California,  

Claridge Fine Art, UK.  

Tutton and Young’s,  

The Brighton Art Fair, Corn Exchange, 

The Other Art Fair’s 10th Anniversary,

Truman Brewery.  

Gavin Turk and Deborah Curtis’ House of Fairy Tales,

JanaNicole’s from A to Z Solo show,

Corridor Gallery,Brighton

The Other Art Fair in Victoria House, London.

Crush Gallery,

The Hop Gallery Solo Show, UK.

Born in the USA, but resident in the south of England for nearly 20 years, Jana Nicole is very much an established artist within the British Art scene, regularly exhibiting at many of the prestigious shows and galleries throughout the UK.

Her works are a beautiful melding of style, subject and substance. Predominantly mixed media and often using her now trademark collage techniques, she has an extraordinary ability to fuse the nostalgic with the iconic creating that uncanny line between the ‘classically familiar and the downright bizarre.’

No more so than her latest and most popular collection to date, Animal Attraction, a beautiful and captivating series that perceptively delves into the psyche of animals, liberating their fascinating characters with familiar and sensual human counterparts.



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