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In November 2019 i found myself homeless,

6 months later while still homeless i had a serious accident on my bike

I suffered 4 spinal fractures and a shattered wrist that needed to have plates and screws put in to fix it, 

Because of the servere trauma to the nerves in my hand i also contracted C.R.P.S,

This was extremely painful and i was told it was incurable, and would most likely get worse and worse,

 In rare cases it is known to go away on its own, but very rarely. 

And to be prepared to never get the use of my hand back.

And the icing on the cake was to be told that when they scanned the spinal fractures they had found a 10cm tumour.

It was in my kidney, and they told me that if they hadn't found it when they had,,,

in 6 months when i started to get symptoms it would have been too late.

It was stage 3 high grade cancer.

I had my kidney removed within weeks and was given the all clear,

Then after 6 months the cancer returned as aggressive as it could be, 

I under went another risky surgery where they removed a further 9 lymph nodes,

And have been in the all clear since 

Also within a couple of months i had managed to work through the C.R.P.S

I have full function back in my hand even though it does hurt still very badly some days.

But have been told i have a 20% chance of living past 3 years even if the cancer doesn't come back.

So in between the two bouts of cancer i chose to focus on something else,

I was now housed and taking a long hard look at life and what is important

So i chose to surround myself with good friends, and do what i love to do which is art.

To focus on the positive things in life that can be done,

Something i have been wanting to do for years,

And this was to create a worldwide brand and network. 

 That helps make being an artist easier,

more affordable,

and more enjoyable,

To bring all creative mediums under one roof, 

Art, Dance, Theatre, Poetry, Music, Film, 

And every other medium you can think of

All the production services you can imagine that an artist might need but cant always afford but at affordable rates

allowing artists to be able to afford to experiment which is when the most amazing inspirations and creations happen,

Studios, food, drink, events, classes,

everything you could imagine, all under one roof

To create a creative heaven like nothing before,

Presenting the creative mediums to the public in a way never done before,

And in turn change how things are done forever

And so we started UK COLAB.


UK COLAB  now engages daily with thousands of amazingly talented artists worldwide through our online network,

And works tirelessly to promote and showcase their work in the best way possible.

Through various different areas from social media, exhibitions and events to commissions and much more, 

Our work involves showcasing new and emerging artists along side more well-known established Artists,

Bridging the gap between experience, genre and medium.
We will achieve this in many ways,

From providing a space in which to display their art online on our social media,

In our various ground breaking shows and exhibitions we have planned,

In our own physical UK COLAB gallery planned for in the new venue,

 And through listing their work here on our website,

And many more avenues.

 UK COLAB also provides the option of producing prints for artist with zero money up front,
Making it easier for artists to be able to expand the format of their work for sale, 

With no financial risk to themselves,
Artists really appreciate the role 
UK COLAB plays in sharing their creative aspirations with a wider audience,

And as a sign of this UK COLAB'S following is growing everyday.

Come and check us out on the links at the top and bottom of the page,

And join an amazing ever growing family of artists,

Sharing their work, Mentoring each other, Networking,

Sharing opportunities that arise, 

And having a lot of fun doing it.

If your involved in a project doing something special, however big or small,

Maybe having a show of your own work or you are part of a group show,

Interested in submitting your artwork to UK COLAB in regards to listing your work through us.

Anything you think we might like to know about please feel free to contact us on


 The creative arts is one of the hardest hit trades during this Corona epidemic,

As gallery after gallery either closes for lockdown, or goes under completely,

With so many artists shows being cancelled,

Artists are turning more and more to online platforms to sell their work and make a living,

But as we all know, nothing can ever compare to seeing art in the flesh.

The texture of the strokes, the shades and tones of colour,

The emotions that stir when you gaze deep into the piece in front of you,

Getting lost in its beauty,

Thats why UK COLAB is creating the epic vision we have,

A giant venue to fill the giant vacuum left behind from this pandemic, and a light at the end of the tunnel,

Somewhere, that when we come out on the other side of this corona epidemic ,

Which we will, however long it takes, and whatever post Corona  looks like, 

Will be a giant 57,000 Sq ft venue that will be big enough and open plan enough,

 To be able to function still on social distancing should this carry on for ages, and if anything like this happens again.

So all of your support is very gratefully received and is helping us create the dream we are working on

 We plan on taking the UK COLAB brand worldwide with the help of our new partners and investors,

And then we can really start to shake things up and create real lasting special change, 

In lots of different areas,  not just in the art world,

But in the wider world we live in as well,

With your support, our investors support, and a lot of hard work, this is all within UK COLAB'S reach,

And everyone on the UK COLAB team are more than ready and capable for the challenge,

Thank you for taking the time to checkout our new website

And welcome to the UK COLAB family,

The start of something very special indeed